The collective « A Nous les Toits » in Tunis for a research residency

When and where?

From 22 May to 31 May, 2023

L'Art Rue

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"A Nous les Toits!" is a collective born in Marseille in 2022 to create more "us" and a "right to the sky for all" by enhancing the uses of roofs, as the 5th façade of cities on a local, European and Mediterranean scale.

While the possibilities of using roofs are numerous, the "fifth façade" remains underutilized in Marseille. A Nous les Toits aims to promote wider access for all and a more sustainable, social and creative use of roofs. For sustainable, social, creative, inhabited and inclusive roofs, and to create links between roofs and initiatives and thus create a new Marseille story for a right to the sky and more "us" on top of buildings. Between neighbours, colleagues and citizens. 

> Between 2022 and 2024, the project has progressed through the following three phases:

A LAB to initiate action research to identify potential obstacles and develop tools to accompany and support initiatives on rooftops;

FEST to educate the public, institutions, owners and investors about the potential of rooftops through events that demonstrate the possibilities; 

The MED approach for a Mediterranean dynamic, to make roofs a marker of the identity of Marseille and a Mediterranean way of life and to sow seeds and implement concrete and sustainable projects in the Mediterranean cities of both shores.

It is in this third phase that L'Art Rue welcomes the project in Tunis for a research residency from the end of May to the beginning of June 2023. 

> The collective

The collective “À Nous les Toits” was created with La Fabrique du Nous, Wetopia, Euromed, Marseille Solutions and others. It is currently run by Marseille Solutions as the main operator of the concrete actions carried out. It forms an unprecedented alliance between public and private actors of culture, real estate, social innovation and ecological transition, as Marseille Solutions, l’Épopée, Synergie Family, Wetopia, l’AGAM, La Cité de l’Agriculture, le Club de l’immobilier, Récipro-cité, la Friche Belle de Mai, etc. It brings together within it all types of occupants of the city: inhabitants, users of roofs, real estate partners, citizens' association, cultural and social associations, architects, urban planners, landscapers, artists, etc. 

Practical information

From May 22nd to May 31st 2023, at L'Art Rue