Research residency of anthropologist Farah Hallaba

When and where?

From January 17 to 31, 2023 at L'Art Rue

From 17 to 31 January 2023, Art Rue will host a research residency of anthropologist Farah Hallaba, as part of NAAS x Esmat’s Research Residency

During this residency, Farah Hallaba wants to develop an interactive and collaborative guide that invites independent filmmakers to engage and reflect on anthropological concepts and tools in their film practice. 

She focuses on anthropological concepts such as positionality, power dynamics, multi-level truths and reflexivity.

In addition, she reflects on the challenges that hinder an anthropological approach in the process of making films and what could be creative economic solutions.  

Practical information

From 17 to 31 January 2023 at L'Art Rue