L'Art Rue hosts the project Tunisian Queer Residency by the association Mawjoudin We Exist

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From 20 April to 4 May, 2024 at L'Art rue

L'Art Rue

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> Project description: 

Tunisian Queer Residency is a Tunisian multidisciplinary artistic residency project led by the Association Mawjoudin We Exist, which is meant to take place in two stages between 2023 and 2024, with a show or a performance as the result. The project selects 10 artists from Tunisia and the MENA region, who carry 5 projects around queer issues. 

Tunisian Queer Residency is an opportunity and a space for physical encounters of two artists, with different practices, through a common trans or multidisciplinary project. The presented project must be submitted by a supporting artist and a guest artist, who wish to collaborate and cross their disciplines. 

The guest artist will be proposed as either: 

- By the supporting artist (upon application). 

- By the artistic team of the TQR (after consulting the project, in the selection phase). 

> Artists in residency: 

- Including 12 artists working in pairs on 6 projects. 

- 3 artists from the MENA region based in Europe. 

- 2 Tunisian artists from the Diaspora. 

- The rest of the artists are Tunisian and live on Tunisian territory. 

> The disciplines: 

- Performing arts: dance/ theatre/ performance/ circus/ styling and stage costumes.

- Music: sound/singing/poetry and writing/slam.

- Visual arts: videos/scenography/photography/makeup.

Practical information

From 20 April to 4 May, 2024