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Find here the evaluation report of the 4-year global programme All Around Culture. All Around Culture promotes the consolidation of a vital cultural ecosystem, an environment conducive to the social and economic inclusion of young people in seven countries across the Arab region, including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, as well as the Syrian and Libyan communities living in these countries.

Comprising 5 strands implemented over a 4-year period, All-Around Culture is based on collaboration and interconnection. It provides support to cultural institutions and initiatives, as well as to individuals, so that they can build their capacity and increase their reach through funding, knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

The evaluation report was developed by a group of external evaluators led by Dr Matina Magkou with researchers Laila Baza and Kai Brennert. They conducted interviews with the various stakeholders involved in the project (the teams of the 4 associations, the beneficiaries of the 3 All-Around Culture sub-programmes, namely: Youth-led Initiatives, Thoulathy-Cross Border Collaboration and Academy Ecosystems, the researchers who worked on the project and the mentors).

They have developed a tool to visualise the different levels at which the project has had an impact and the relationship between these different components over the 4 years of this cooperation project.

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Practical information

Le programme All Around Culture a été développé de 2020 à 2024.


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