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Dream City, an urban festival

The Dream City programme is built together on average two years before the event, with, as for each edition, works created which are inspired by the current world, its issues and challenges, in dialogue with the invited works.

Dream City is distinguished by its unique methodology: inviting Tunisian and international artists to invent and create contextually by engaging with the city and its inhabitants.

It is also a festival committed to the long term, accompanying the invited artists and offering them a long period of creation (from 1 to 4 years) to fully understand the specificities and social and political realities.

Finally, it is a festival apart that invests the informal spaces of the medina of Tunis (café, street, abandoned house, square...).

Dream City addresses and deals with the social and political realities of Tunis in a fragile global context. Themes such as human migration, the question of democracy & citizenship, living together, human rights, but also issues related to governance, environmental crimes, memory, etc. are at the heart of this unique festival.


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