Dream City festival from 30 September to 9 October   ·  Full programme online   ·  Tickets available online on our website and at the ticket offices of the Municipal Theatre from 9am to 7pm

Discover the Map of this 8th edition of Dream City

As for each edition of the festival, stroll for 10 days through the alleys of the medina and the city centre of Tunis with your map/programme to download here (in French) and discover the works of this 8th edition.

Dream City is a festival that takes place in new places in the medina of Tunis whose primary function is not to host art.

The artists create with and for these places with which their works resonate. Thus, cafés, restaurants, abandoned places, houses, chapels, libraries and squares experience a new dynamic and become places of celebration, creation and discovery.

The 50 works of the festival are performed in about thirty open and closed places of the medina and the city centre of Tunis which vibrate in unison during the 10 days of an art festival conceived to celebrate the city.