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A la recherche d'Aïda

by Jalila Baccar

When and where?

Thursday 4 April 2024 at 9pm

K1 - KANAL-Centre Pompidou

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Two women, one Tunisian and one Palestinian, share their experiences and sorrows.


Jalila Baccar is one of the leading women playwrights and performers in Tunisia and the Arab world. At Dream City she gives a theatrical reading of À la recherche d'Aïda, a text that is as relevant today as it was when she wrote it in 1998.

In the text two women, one Tunisian and one Palestinian, share personal stories. Their conversations are structured around a series of key dates in Palestinian and Arab history from the displacement of Palestinians during the Nakba in April 1948 to the signing of the Oslo Accords, a series of interim agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation in September 1993. As they share their experiences and sorrows, the voices of two women become one story connected by persistent refusal of suffering, humiliation, and injustice.

Practical information

K1 - Centre Pompidou (map)

Thursday 4 April at 9pm


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