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Guardians Sejoumi School

by Natural Contract Lab, Réseau Enfants De La Terre and Les Amis des Oiseaux (AAO)

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5 oct. at 10am

5 oct. at 3pm

Bibliothèque El Khaldounia

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What kind of schools do we need as a gesture of care for the Sebkhet Sejoumi ? Do we need other ways of justice, interconnectedness and stewardship? How do we connect with the memories of the place, water and ancestry? How can we together reinvent the notions of guardians of Sebkhet Sejoumi ?

Together we set up a temporary pedagogical station in Sebkha Sejoumi to imagine a guardians' school there. The program was designed in collaboration with local initiatives that are already engaged on the protection of the lake, with the aim to reconnect, restore and imagine new forms of justice for Séjoumi. On the program you can find workshops and lectures on ecocide, rights of nature and the role of guardians of nature. There will be moments for listening, contem-plating, activating and singing and a final moment to taste the perfumes and flavors of the land acti-vated by femmes locales et artisanes de Séjoumi.

*The school is the first outcome of Natural Contract Lab, a long term research-project in collabora-tion with local initiatives between 2021 and 2023.  The artistic investigation attempts to design a sustained practice that consolidates a restorative process of mapping bodies of water relationality with its harms, grief, repair and resistance to expand ripples of active engagement proposing recip-rocal futures.  

> Wednesday 05 October at 10am at the Khaldounia Library, Medina of Tunis, free entry (subject to availability)

Activating the rights of nature / ecocide

Conference with the crossed views of the environmental lawyer Marine Calmet, the sociologist and specialist in gender and climate change Awatef Mabrouk and the visual artist Bochra Taboubi on our relationship with Nature and the new ways to reintegrate the community of the Living.

With the participation of Imen Labidi, project manager at AAO/Birdlife in Tunisia on the subject "Sebkhet Sejoumi the neglected treasure".

Moderated by Ichrak Klai, lawyer and columnist of the Eco friendly programme on Misk radio.

 > Wednesday 05 October 2022 at 3pm at the University of Political and Social Juridical Sciences of Tunis, free entry (subject to availability)

Meeting/debate with the jurist Marine Calmet (Natural Contract Lab) and the activist Alaa Marzougui (General Coordinator of the Tunisian Water Observatory - Nomade 08 Association Project) to discuss the rights of nature and propose concrete tools for students to act in turn. With the participation of the Earth'Na collective and Imen Labidi, project manager at AAO/Birdlife in Tunisia on the subject "Sebkhet Sejoumi the neglected treasure".


> Thursday 06 October 2022 at the Sebkhet Sejoumi (only on invitation)

Natural Contract Lab activation day with the associations RET and AAO and citizens participating in the global project.

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El Khaldounia Library

5 Oct. at 10 am

Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis

5 Oct. at 3pm


2-hour lectures

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Free entry (subject to availability)

Language :  French / English / Tunisian